About the Sunday Message Supplements

The Message Supplements posted on this blog are versions of Reverend Hoxey’s weekly Sunday sermons (and which also appear in each Sunday’s printed church bulletin).

Reverend Hoxey shares insights that impact all significant religious and spiritual issues, including how drawing closer to God and Jesus contribute to holistic wellbeing, which is health in body, mind & spirit. Even if you cannot attend one of Reverend Hoxey’s Sunday services you can still benefit from his insights by reading the written version of the messages. You may build a library of these and have them handy when you encounter Bible passages for which you’d like additional information.

Feedback indicates that people enjoy Larry’s sermons as succinct, thought-provoking presentations of vital spiritual and religious issues. Reverend Hoxey’s sermons provide background information of Bible verses and practical application of biblical principles with real-life situations. Most of Reverend Hoxey’s sermons address Bible passages from the Revised Common Lectionary because that is the scripture source requested by his current congregation of St. John United Church of Christ.

Reverend Hoxey’s Message Supplements serve as a basis for a mid-week or Sunday morning get-together known as Sermon Seminar, an adult faith study group.  Sermon Seminar is a popular gathering during which people can ask questions and share comments about the previous Sunday sermon. The participants say that they feel empowered when they have a way to provide feedback to the minister about his public comments and writings on diverse subjects.