Sunday Message Supplement for 2 October 2022: “Faith Rekindling”

Bible verses for today’s message: 2 Timothy 1:1-14

Paul begins with a reminder about God’s momentous gift of faith, which requires periodic rekindling. As with many other life areas, faith waxes and wanes. This means that you’re invited to manage your spiritual life so that when things get tough you can compensate by energizing your faith.

The great news is that God’s spirit generates spiritual vitality. However, the light of God’s Spirit may not always burn as bright as you’d like. Sometimes, life and various distractions interfere. Illness and emotional upsets can, for instance, partially undermine our spiritual life (including our faith).

To encourage rekindled faith, God provides the reinvigorating power of love, which is God’s essence. You’re invited to embrace God’s love as you cultivate a miraculous transformation. In other words, love is the antidote to whatever ails us. Receiving and sharing God’s love solves a multitude of problems.

Followers of God encourage one another to be open to all sorts of changes.  Realize that you are not too far gone or too set in your ways for God to reach you. Moreover, although the physical body withers neither disease nor age destroy your spirit.

Your faith has almost unlimited potential and you claim God’s promises as you bravely choose to do so moment-by-moment.  God provides “a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7). Playing the blame game of what isn’t going right in your life isn’t productive.  Even when others contribute to your troubles you can still move forward rather than be stuck in negativity.

Avoid the temptation of retreating into spiritual obscurity. Instead, yearn for intimacy with God and demonstrate your faith with vigor and enthusiasm. Allow God to reshape you. Remain open to changes that strengthen you and that will help your church survive and thrive, even in a hostile cultural environment. Are you ready to overcome obstacles that stand between you and God’s promises?

As a church, we are working together to reach people with the life-changing gospel message. Therefore, our rallying cry is “We Can DO It!” The “D” represents discipleship (partnering with God to make Christians stronger) and the “O” is outreach (partnering with God to make new Christians). Therefore, you can help fulfill your purpose as you DO it.

Strive against whatever is holding you back. Stay positive and always look for a solution. We at St. John pursue new ministries and projects and if they don’t work as expected then God will provide a lesson as we move forward. This means that what previously might have seemed impossible can create a joyful, fulfilling reality. Through it all, God transforms peoples’ lives from within.

Strive against anything that would dim the divine light burning within you. To counter anxiety and apathy, rekindle your faith and activate zeal and zest. Do your spiritual batteries need recharging?  Whatever you face, it’s all worth the effort because you and your church can be renewed, restored, and reinvigorated.

Embrace God’s presence and cultivate an energized life. Along your way, assist other people who, like you, need periodic encouragement. Allow God to rekindle your faith and the passion of your purpose. All of us can be spiritually rekindled as we love one another and face challenges with persistent positivity.

–Reverend Larry Hoxey

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