Sunday Message for Easter, 17 April 2022: “Celebrate Life”

God bless you on this wonderful Easter morning, the most joyous of all Christian holy days. Easter elevates life over death and hope over despair. Jesus’ rising demonstrates how love and light surpass hate and darkness.

Easter is a reminder that death is not the final word. Through the power of love, each person who seeks God migrates from soul-slumber to spiritual vitality. You are God’s child and you too can gain new life. You needn’t wait until disaster strikes before you desire a spiritual revival. Here and now you can embrace the magnificent power of the moment. Leverage Easter’s promise and allow the Almighty’s spirit to redeem and revitalize you.

God’s presence ignites spiritual life to each person desiring it. You are at core a spiritual being. Being made in God’s image means you share with God a core spiritual nature. Humans’ mortal bodies originate from earthly elements yet physical death and crumbling into dust is not the final story. People die physically, but God’s Easter example is that life goes beyond death. In partnership with God you can surpass death’s grip.

Gain encouragement over your challenging life circumstances. Realize that no matter what happens to you—disaster, disease, discouragement—your spirit remains incorruptible and whole. Your role is to invite God into your life as an active participant. In doing so, you will become a more conscious, intentional person of faith. Living in this manner is no accident. A victorious spiritual life isn’t provided by parents, performed by priests, or realized in religious rituals. Each human can accept the right and responsibility to cultivate a life of spiritual fulfillment by connecting directly with the Almighty.

Easter is also a great time to renew the church. You are a vital part of this congregation and as such you are both obligated and privileged to perform two key tasks: (1) learning and growing to become stronger people of faith (a process called discipleship) and 2) partnering with God to help make new people of faith (a process called outreach). Taken together, these two goals form the acronym “DO,” as in “We can DO it!”

The splendid task of keeping a church healthy requires commitment beyond a casual nod of pew-sitting heads. We must yearn for growth and act together, forging a bright future with a message that is both unified and unifying. You serve a living Lord who is with you in every struggle, including reaching people for whom church and religion have become negative and irrelevant. Pray that God will use you to help open hearts and minds.

God lives within you as a tremendous spiritual force. Celebrate and unleash God’s power as you embrace God’s transforming presence. Practice compassion, the gold standard for spiritual health. You can live up to Jesus’ core message known as the Golden Rule, which is to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Demonstrate your love of God in how you love your neighbor as yourself.

Expand your expectations to better receive, celebrate and share God’s liberating promises and possibilities. If Jesus can be raised from the dead then God can similarly transform you. As God’s spiritual child, you are also an heir to the same victory over death that Jesus experienced. Be bold! Claim the victory!

Don’t withdraw or permit apathy to immobilize you. Celebrate the fact that God’s love empowers you for health in body, mind & spirit. More than ever, now is the time to share God’s magnificent message. Proclaim “Hallelujah!” as you celebrate life every day, every way.

–Reverend Larry Hoxey

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