Sunday Message for 20 June 2021: “Spiritual Disturbance”

Today’s message from 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 reveals disturbances of the spiritual waters at of one of Paul’s churches in Corinth, Greece.

Then as now, time is of the essence! Have you ever delayed something that you knew you shouldn’t? Paul suggested that there was nothing in the way, no excuse for the Corinthians to further delay their spiritual rebirth. The time had come and the Corinthians needed to embrace God’s transforming spirit.

What was it that Paul wanted the Corinthians to do? It seems they were demoting their relationship with God amid other priorities. Paul had spent much effort to shepherd these Greek Christians but they weren’t responding well and they acted stubbornly hard-hearted. Such problems continue with modern people of faith as they waver away from God’s care.

Paul had previously written the Corinthians and shared the glory of God’s greatness. Yet the Corinthians continued to

avoid spiritual maturity. Paul provided an impressive list of horrible situations that he and his associates had endured but which had turned-out well. Beatings, prison, hunger . . . you name it. In all these hardships, Paul encouraged the Corinthians to do what he did, which was to celebrate victory even when things go terribly wrong. Have you ever experienced harsh circumstances? After the immediate crisis did you feel that there was a lesson to be learned?

Paul admonished the Corinthians to open their hearts to the true, powerful message of transformation (which is redemption). Having an open mind is often necessary to make valid connections, to draw an insightful lesson from life’s challenges. The Corinthians were lax and didn’t seem to feel a sense of urgency to think more deeply. First and foremost, the Corinthians did not sufficiently accept or share God’s love. Reluctance by the Corinthians kept them from realizing God’s full power and blessings.

The Corinthians’ problem can infect today’s people almost two-thousand years later. On life’s journey people encounter waves and wind—great disturbances–while rejecting empowerment by God’s presence. No matter what you endure—sickness or sadness, problems or persecutions—God is with you.

Avoid a defeatist attitude during tough times. You and I are not that much different from those ancient Corinthians. As always, the threat is to allow ourselves to be dragged down by circumstances. God invites us to rise above fears and joyfully proclaim God’s love and truth. Is there anything holding you back?

As you examine yourself, do you discern a reluctance in responding to God’s Spirit? Could it be that you, like those Corinthians of old, fail to reach full joy? Don’t allow anything to interfere with your spiritual life. God’s primary message is to receive and share compassionate love. If you can do this, then all is well no matter what the world throws at you.

There are no limits to the love God wants people to receive and share. Even with disturbances on life’s troubled waters you can call upon God. The Almighty is there to increase your faith and help you overcome drowning in life’s disasters. Are you ready to move to a place of spiritual empowerment in God’s loving care?

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