Sunday Message for 2 January 2022: “Revealing God”

In the marvelous spirit of the New Year, have a fantastic 2022. I share with you God’s enthusiastic embrace, filled with promises and possibilities. Experience a wonderful 2022 as you inoculate yourself against negativity and anything holding you back.

Every January 6 is the religious holiday of Epiphany, the revealing of Jesus’ divine mandate. The holiday has two aspects, the first being the wise men visiting the toddler Jesus and presenting him royal gifts. The second aspect of Epiphany is Jesus’ baptism, which further highlighted his divine nature and mission.

In the wake of Christmas, images of wise men linger. There’s much speculation about the wise men, especially their possible role as astrologers or priests from the Persian Zoroastrian religion. Whoever they were, the wise men point to Jesus’ special status. Is there a way that your life can become an epiphany empowered by God’s presence? You may not consider yourself a king or queen but your divine pedigree is just as real. Your existence is a gift far more valuable than the gold, frankincense and myrrh shared by ancient wise men.

Epiphany is a reminder that God can be revealed through your life and that of other spiritually-awakened believers. The goal is for people to see and feel God through you. This may seem like an impossible responsibility. Yet consider that sharing God’s love will enhance your joy and life quality. It is through your compassionate actions that God’s presence is felt by others. You as a follower of the Almighty receive and share the divine light that energizes all life.

Now, consider how the opening of John’s gospel reveals Jesus in the high heavens, which demonstrates Jesus as a manifestation of God: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). John equates Jesus with light, life and the forces of creation. John’s use of the Greek word logos is translated into English as “Word,” which isn’t just any word but the Word. It is the grandest, highest type of Word because the sense is that Jesus is empowered by God’s essence.

John’s insights have busied theologians for centuries. What does John’s concept of logos have to do with your spiritual journey? For one, you are also a spiritual being with magnificent potential. Amid all the history of Christian conflict and doctrinal drama don’t overlook the most important part: your personal restoration, renewal, and redemption. You are a powerful, precious person and you can forge your own path that builds on but does not merely mimic the spiritual journey of others.

To help unlock what’s inside you must choose to partner with God to achieve transformation. Too many people fail to optimize their spiritual life. Instead, they choose what seems like an easy way, which is surrendering to a rigid theological framework which both defines and confines them. Sadly, this process doesn’t ensure God’s presence and often obscures it. Your ongoing challenge is drawing close to the Almighty despite pressure to conform. You are a unique, beautiful person not destined to be squashed into a mold. Declare your spiritual freedom and let your light shine!

Apathy and an over-dependence on other people can lead you to just “sign on the dotted line” and leave your soul in the hands of priests and bureaucracies. Such a process is deficient and never substitutes for managing your own soul health. Take greater ownership and avoid slavish obedience to religious rites, rules and traditions, many of which are distractions robbing the unwary of independence and integrity.

Fully embrace the promise of the New Year. Choose to live authentically; resist subcontracting your spirituality to any third-party. Crave God’s presence and become a beautiful, living epiphany that demonstrates the living spirit within. Choose compassionate love in every mindful moment. In this way, each day can be for you like the blossoming of God’s presence.

–Reverend Larry Hoxey

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