Message Supplement (December 24)

Do you have a [spiritual] life? Christmas is the time where the religious focus is on birth, including the manger scene with the baby Jesus and all the pastoral trappings of that ancient first-family of faith. Even more so, God wants us to embrace the wonders of spiritual life that Jesus’ birth represents.

Indeed, we are reminded that Jesus’ birth is not merely some passive, historical event that we indulge with rampant materialism and holiday dinners. The Christmas Spirit beckons us to overcome the glitter of distractions and the trappings of wrappings. God’s presence came and has remained in the world through the power and promise represented by Jesus’ birth.

We who call ourselves Christians are privileged to embrace more than commercial enthusiasm over the seasonal imagery. Living an authentic Christian life means nothing less than our desire to represent God to the world. We therefore proclaim that we have received the ultimate present: a new life in Christ through spiritual rebirth.

We demonstrate the legitimacy of our life in Christ as we live the gospel. That is, we match our words with our actions and our talk with our walk. The sincerity of our Christian faith attends closely with how we think and live. In essence, if we call ourselves Christians then we need to act and think like we mean it. Here we are on Christmas Eve filled with good cheer and the best of intentions. So, we’re at least headed in a positive direction. Even better, however, is embracing authentic transformation through the power of God in Christ.

Aside from the heavy-hitting spiritual insights, I have something quite basic to share with you. On behalf of my wife Cynthia and son Sean, I wish all of you the most blessed Christmas possible. I pray that this season of spiritual renewal will motivate you to do great things in the name of our Lord. May your faith be empowered through Jesus’ gift of spiritual life. Let us therefore enter a covenant of prayer, one with another, such that our overwhelming spiritual joy extends into 2014 and beyond. God bless you all, and . . .

Merry Christmas!


–Reverend Hoxey