Fall’s Faithful Flavors

Greetings faith friends. I am pleased to consider the season that has dawned upon us. Yes, fall is here. The last bit of fruits and vegetables are being harvested and we can be thankful for our tasteful bounty. On the one hand, we Michiganders can look around and see just how pleasant a peninsular is our state. On the other hand, we can’t ignore the fact that extreme weather often accompanies the inexorable march of the seasons.

The blessings on our table and in our stomachs are grown in an environment of challenging conditions, a  situation where changing patterns contribute to a climate where good foods nonetheless abound. As we look ahead, we know that there will be consistently cooler weather, frost, and yes, even snow. Yet we are also in a time of fall where splashes of autumnal dance across a brilliant blue sky. So let’s pause and consider fall as a time to gather our thoughts.

Blessings. Ah, yes. Let’s be thankful for many types of things and situations. At the moment, I’m pausing to be thankful for what God helps us bring from the earth, namely the pleasing plethora of foods. We can sit back and whet our appetite for Red Haven peaches, Macintosh apples, and all the tomatoes, leeks, onions and peppers from our gardens. There’s much more than this brief list, but consider what are your favorites that you can munch, crunch, and prepare for your brunch and lunch.

Challenges. There are so many things in the seasons of life that can sour our joy if we let them. Regrets, worries, anxieties–a smorgasbord of bitter tastes can foul us. There always seem to be a new crop of potential problems. With the seasons there are things that test us such as weather that is too hot, too cold, too wet, or too dry. Similarly, our lives can be sprinkled with anger, frustration and sadness.  Each cycle of the calendar brings with it a repeating round of blessings and challenges not unlike the pattern of our lives.

So what are we to do? Consider focusing on what’s good and not allowing the negative stuff to crowd our cornucopia. With so much to choose from in the field of life we can either cultivate sour grapes or gather sweet delights. We can set our teeth on edge with bitter bites or instead seek tasty treats.

As we collect items in our basket we can either be blessed with the bounty or burdened by the bother–it’s up to us!  We may brood over the winter of our discontent or we can celebrate the Lord of the harvest. Our faithful attitude can make the crucial difference. I pray that God will help all of us grow and be bountiful. I will join with you in gathering falls fruitful flavors, both the gastric delights as well as the food for the soul. God bless all of us as we celebrate a splendid harvest.