Faith Fitness (25 March 2014)

As I experience Faith Fitness I am reminded of the power of sharing. Each time we gather we share what God is doing in our lives. We convey both the challenges and the triumphs of God’s presence. Our recent meeting was no exception to this pattern because we fed our spirits with God’s love and truth.

As a pastor, one of my chief priorities is the people I serve in God’s name. Leading the study group is a way in which I can extend my care into the congregation and beyond. When we met this past Tuesday each person contributed by praying and speaking. It was my great joy to affirm the way in which those who gathered felt connected to both God and one another. As the Spirit led, we talked about special persons in our lives who have been to us spiritual role-models.

We also provided encouragement to one another as we described our thirst for God’s presence. We understood that it is far from easy to keep ourselves spiritually fit. However, we realized that the struggle to overcome our appetites and weaknesses can make us stronger just as exercise can build our physical muscles.

Please join us in the spirit of Christian fellowship as we meet and are empowered for life’s journey. I know that I speak for the group when I state that you are special to us. We will do what we can to help you connect to God and forge the healthiest possible relationships.