Faith Fitness (25 February 2014)

The chill is still gripping Michigan but you wouldn’t know it from the energetic discussion in Faith Fitness. One of our Faith Fitness members returned from a spiritual development retreat in Hawaii. OK, so we were all a little envious about the warm, balmy location far from the frigid Midwest. However, you and both know that you don’t need an exotic location to achieve spiritual health. And in any case, the real attraction was how our Faith Fitness participant described her transformative experiences. The topic is relevant given that Lent starts next week. It’s hard to believe that Ash Wednesday is just a week away.

Various spiritual disciplines like prayer, meditating, Yoga, and similar practices can help us keep in touch with our God connection. Sometimes, as our traveler explained, we need to cleanse ourselves–inside and out!–to help our love flow unimpeded. This is a relevant topic going into Lent, a time of reflection and introspection. We discussed how we can benefit from restraining our excess appetites. By developing self-control and weaning ouselves from unhelpful substances, for instance, we can experience God’s greater love, joy and peace for which no drug or food can substitute.

Bad attitudes can also interfere with our spiritual priorities. Negativity, anger, stress and anxiety can rob us of true happiness. Both inside and out, we must be aware of who and what we are, and be willing to overcome our weaknesses while also leveraging our strengths. Are you ready to improve yourself during Lent? It’s not about refraining from meat, being downcast or denying yourself due pleasures. No, the higher journey through Lent involves starting a sustainable plan for changing an unhealthy lifestyle into something more physically, spiritually, and emotionally beneficial. Take Lent and make it your own, between you and God, and not simply because the calendar tells us that it is time to go through the usual religious routines and rituals all over again.

Won’t you join us? We’d be honored to have you come and join our discussion Tuesdays at 11:00 am. We value your opinion and we have fun while also gaining strength for life’s journey.