Faith Fitness (21 January 2014) “Mindfulness” –part 2!

Today we had another splendid meeting. As usual, our participants shared their life experiences since our last meeting, all with a thematic tie-in to our recent topic of mindfulness, which we began exploring and defining last week (see the post for 14 January).

Given the quality and quantity of discussion in our group it is clear to me that mindfulness is a pressing issue. Indeed, what would our churches be and do if the people who comprise them proactively embraced mindfulness? We won’t rehearse the entire scope of defining mindfulness here, but suffice to say that it involves a holistic, synergistic consciousness. it is a form of wakefulness and alertness from which we enlarge our thinking.

In a Christian spiritual sense, mindfulness is all the more crucial in that it can be driven by love, the most powerful force in the universe (God is love!). Think about the possibilities if we exerted our brain power to enhance the lives of all living creatures. Mindfulness yields a scope of thinking and awareness that we can utilize in our relations with all other beings.

Mindfulness can be a tantalizing goal, one that entices us to reach beyond ourselves in many pleasing, positive ways. If mindfulness is an exercise then it can stretch our sensibilities in all sorts of good directions. Comments from the Faith Fitness participants suggest that mindfulness benefits people of all ages, stages, and wages. My prayer is that you and I and the others we touch will benefit from our mindful attitudes.

Join us next time!