Faith Fitness (18 March 2014)

What a neat group! We met as usual today and our discussion centered on creating a mission statement. Our church is making strides in strengthening itself for the future.

Part of our task is laying a solid foundation upon which the church will reinvent itself and grow. Therefore, each member and friend of St. John church is invited to create a sample mission statement. The sample mission statements will then be reviewed in light of creating a new, official statement for the entire church.

Accordingly, our Faith Fitness talk provided encouragement for how to envision our church and what message we want to send to the world. The mission statement will encapsulate in succinct language who we are and what God is calling us to become.

There is much positive energy and momentum going into our discussions. People are renewing their interest into possibilities for more effective outreach. We are preparing ourselves for the “both – and” approach, one that seeks to minister to people preferring established traditions while also forging new ministry to unchurched persons in our community. The goal is to unite ourselves in a singular, powerful vision for reaching people in a manner and style relevant to today’s cultural environment.

Under God’s banner of love and truth, our church is making headway into a brave new world. We are opening our hearts and minds for splendid possibilities. Indeed, the power of God’s Spirit is unleashed in our midst. We are having holy conversations about what is the church and how it can best be utilized as the instrument for spreading the gospel. At the same time, we remain sensitive to the style and preferences of those who will support and nurture any new ministry. This is the beauty of the both – and approach. We embrace the best of the past and present while being responsive to people who may not have grown up in a church.

Please pray for us as we rally the strength and experience of everyone in our church. We are moving ahead and ask that you join us as we grow together.