Christmas Eve Message 2021: “Spiritual Rebirth”

God bless you on this marvelous Christmas Eve. Prepare for the Christ child to inspire and empower you this wonderful season.

Amid the holiday cheer arises a profound question: How do you feel about your life? Christmas is a great time to reassess who and what you are. To achieve growth, consider the possibility of a spiritual rebirth. This may be easier than ever for you to accomplish because society is awash with images of Jesus’ physical birth, including the manger scene with the adorable baby surrounded by Mary, Joseph, shepherds and angels, and quiescent animals. As charming as is a manger’s idyllic image, God wants you to transcend sentimentality and nostalgia. Instead, God invites you to embrace spiritual rebirth, which is a renewed life from the inside/out. Are you ready for positive, decisive changes?

Jesus’ birth is not merely an historical event to be obscured by rampant materialism and holiday dinners. Jesus is God’s gift to the world and the Christ child beckons you to overcome distractions. We are all called to embrace the embodiment of divine love. God’s presence can revive you through the dynamic symbolism of Jesus’ birth, a reminder of the promise and possibility of renewal. Your challenge involves connecting with God in a persistent, pervasive manner. Despite harsh circumstances, renewal is possible if you seek it. God’s presence is an extraordinary gift that keeps on giving.

You’re invited to embrace the joy beyond even the beauty of seasonal imagery. Amid the wonderful light and life of the season is more than just good cheer. Your participation in St. John throughout the year can be life-enhancing. We need your consistent presence if St. John is to remain a viable, healthy church. We encourage you to share your faith with the world–you can DO it! What this means is that we’ll help you partner with God to help existing Christians become Disciples (the “D”) and then to partner with God to produce new Christians through Outreach (the “O”)—hence you can DO it.

The power of your spiritual life is demonstrated through your living of Jesus’ message, which involves receiving and sharing God’s love (compassion = love in action). You are challenged to match your words with your behavior, your talk with your walk. The sincerity of your Christian faith attends closely with how you think and live, with your attitudes and actions. As a child of God you are both privileged and honored to make a powerful difference in the world.

Here you are on Christmas Eve filled with joy and good intentions. Take all this positive energy and strive for what God is calling you to accomplish. As you dedicate your life anew, the challenges you encounter can help you overcome distractions, disruptions and deceptions. God can help you grow stronger by transcending any and all obstacles.

On behalf of my wife Cynthia and son Sean, I wish you a blessed Christmas. I pray that God will inspire you to accomplish wonderful acts of compassion. Let us therefore enter a covenant, a sacred agreement one with another, such that our spiritual vitality will extend into 2022 and beyond. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

–Reverend Larry Hoxey

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