April Newsletter Article

We’re Getting Serious

Well, at least as far as getting close to spring. Seriously? Winter will die, and most of us are hoping that it will be sooner rather than later. Yes, the worst winter in our lifetime will probably, hopefully, be waning itself into oblivion.

Okay, we’ve acknowledged our wintry struggles and we must move on. Indeed, we are waiting for more than just the bitter cold and deep snow to subside. As people of faith we have a spiritual spring to celebrate. Our dark night of the soul must give way to the hope of light and life. We are God’s children of faith and we can be ready to blossom.

Drive or walk and witness the physical signs of spring. A bright, positive sense accompanies spring growth. Similarly, a profound joy fills our thoughts as we contemplate the hope of heaven. We can rejoice knowing who and what we are. Our roots run deep, all the more so since we are planted in the kingdom of God. Our citizenship is more than just our country of birth. We are people of faith, united as brothers and sisters journeying together.

I pray that you will yearn for growth in God’s kingdom. If the earth can do it, so can you. Behold the glory of flowers springing forth from the hard, scabby ground. Despite harsh climate and perils the splendor of creation unfolds. So also can we expect God to help us push through challenges. If we are committed to our spiritual rebirth we can expect to bloom and thrive. Open yourself to God’s Spirit. As the plants return to vibrant life ask God to revive your spirit.

We have much for which to be thankful. There’s no good thing that we can’t pursue if we unite in purpose. There are promising options for how St. John can revitalize. We can share our mission statement with the world and announce that we are people on the move. The gospel beckons us to share God’s love and truth, and this we will do with gusto. If our hearts and minds remain open to transformation we will realize our goals. This means that our church will not only survive but thrive, blossoming and blooming in the spring that awaits.  –Reverend Hoxey