April 2015 Newsletter Article

April Showers Bring . . .


It’s that wonderful time of year again. No doubt about it. We’re hopeful that warmer weather will help us catch-up to spring’s calendar. Yet, there’s no need to wait for our capricious weather to move us forward. With or without April rains we can receive a refreshing shower of God’s Spirit.


As we think about cultivating our gardens let us also consider opening our hearts and minds. Spring reminds us of how the abundant signs of life return to our bleak landscape. Don’t allow the pall of somber, browned grass discourage you. Before you know it, vivid colors will punctuate our matted, soggy soil and give new hope for another year’s abundance. Happy days are here again!


So also is it with our souls, because we need reviving. In nature, the sun, water and soil ensure that plants will get the nourishment they need to grow and blossom. In God’s kingdom, we have the good faith soil within which to plant ourselves. And as the light of God’s Son shines upon us our spiritual thirst is quenched. We are further renewed and revived as we receive and share God’s blessings with everyone around us. What a great cycle of light and life this is. Hallelujah!


2015 is already a great year. We are discerning God’s Spirit as we invest in our future and seek a new way for a new day. Our “We can DO it” capital campaign reminds us that there’s much work to be done. St. John has a great legacy to preserve, and we know that revitalizing our fellowship hall will give us the great space to grow our Renew ministry. But that’s not all. St. John’s “Both/And” philosophy ensures that we will continue to invest in all aspects of our ministry as to leave no one behind. We are a faith family and we will partner in every way to help our church survive and thrive.


Your financial contributions are more critical than ever. Matching? Yes! St. John will match dollar-per-dollar your fellowship hall donations (up to a matched total of $10,000). This is a great deal, and it means that everyone and everything is fully vested in our future. Please give today so that we can complete our fellowship hall projects in a timely manner.


Meanwhile, restore your soul as we welcome a spring-like renewal. God is willing to partner with us in doing wonderful things. As to those April rains, think also about God showering us with love, mercy and grace. Goodness, that’s a forecast for success if there ever was one. Weather comes and weather goes, but the steadfast love of God endures forever. And now we can conclusively finish the opening title of this article:  April Showers Bring . . . God’s Blessings!


–Reverend Hoxey