2015 Welcome Message “Yearly Yearning”

Yearly Yearning

You may pause in a moment of disbelief as you spy that prominent 2015 staring out at you from your new calendar. Undaunted by the specter of a new year, you grasp the calendar and flip the page to “January.” Yes, another year is upon you. Don’t fear; stay calm and carry on.

Calendar drama aside, ponder how you’ll traverse the 365 days of the New Year. Trust God to get you through all challenges. Do what you can with what you have, while you still have it. Meanwhile, I appeal to you to consider New Year’s resolutions. How many have you made? Yeah, I know it’s a cliché and sometimes a gimmick to jump on the resolution bandwagon. But you know, resolutions aren’t so awful. Being resolved to do good is a noble goal. Just because resolution talk is rampant should not diminish your participation. After all, a good thing is still a good thing no matter how many people are doing it (or not doing it!).

Resolutions are useful as they help us plan for a better future (especially if we follow what we’ve resolved to do). What do you want for 2014? There are many options. Whatever you didn’t like about your situation in 2014 is up for change in 2015. We can always do better in some way. How about striving for more love, the essence of God and the most powerful force in the universe. In transcending death, love reminds us of our eternal nature (perhaps the biggest part of how we are made in God’s image).

I’m resolved to be a stronger person of faith, a superior husband, a role-model father, a superb pastor, an exemplary friend, and so forth. I hear an objection: “You can’t possibly do all this Larry so get over it.” Wait a minute. Don’t dismiss such aspirations decisively. Recall that quote from Les Brown: “Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” There’s something useful about setting lofty goals, especially if they encourage forward momentum. Remember that life is a journey, not a destination. I may not achieve everything but my striving can take me further than I first realize.

Take steps in 2015 to give-up whatever is holding you back. Purge yourself of such poisons as resentment and anger. If you need to get things right with someone then swallow your pride and seek redemption. You’ll never be free until you are cleansed of soul-fouling debris. God is here to help you solve the messes, so why not now?

I want to give you a good old-fashioned welcome to 2015. No, that’s not good enough so let me try again. Have an absolutely fantastical, splendiferous, supercalafragilistic 2015. Now that’s more like it. God bless you!

–Reverend Larry Hoxey